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Developing Education through Technology

Zip Code Technology is a Software

and Hardware Development Company


We design and develop technology solutions, supporting the education of humanity, by developing programs and platforms for all technology environments.


We generally have a competitive edge and can complete the most complex of tasks, in a promptly manner. Though we also like to share our findings to help others implement through open source licensing.


We also support existing development teams in completing projects, which require further programming implementations, formulas or specific code operations in order to incorporate the latest requirements, functions and databases.

We strive to offer the most advanced services throughout the world.


We design, develop and create the latest Technology.


Which hosts industries and enables communication to assist your company function and thrive.


in a constantly evolving technology landscape, we lead brands  companies and projects to further develop the health and education of humanity,



Technology Development


Zip Code Technology Trust

Enterprise Infrastructure


Solutions Architect


Full Stack Developer


Communications Engineer


Production Specialist

ZipCode Technology