Recent Developments

TDR - Time Domain reflectometry

Time-domain reflectometry or TDR is a measurement technique used to determine the characteristics of electrical lines by observing reflected waveforms.[1] Time-domain transmissometry (TDT) is an analogous technique that measures the transmitted (rather than reflected) impulse. Together, they provide a powerful means of analysing electrical or optical transmission media such as coaxial cable and optical fiber.

Phase Checksum

Nov - 2017

With our formula of Checksum we have created a new way for processors to process information.


Instead of the transistors using electrical pulse to calulate the binary phase of a 1 or 0


we have added a phase formula in order to track each degree of the cycle,


for instance in a 50hz wavelength at 50 cycles per second.



the wavelength is modulating 50 times per second, we are adding 360 degree of detection by calulcating the phase angle we can apply a checksum to the binary phase bit.


if you would like to know more just ask us, as we believe this will be crucial step forward for any cpu processor.


with the ability to complete a binary phase checksum it also protects against read and write resolution in a new order to the power of 360 degrees per cycle revolution.


This then lead us to further discoveries documented below.


Particle Triangular


Published Jan - 2018

ZIP WT - TDR - Is based on the TDR formula, though we incorporate our triangulation algorithm,


which we have found is a great way to create an array which can then analyse the said dataset input.


We project a TDR pulse with our Phase Checksum Formula.


To create in Human readable explanation, --> Its a bunch of triangles that can search an area to determine similar factors as the input dataset..


This has proven to be a very efficient way of searching for colour or shapes or analysing images or video in order to pin point specific area,


For example a Medical Image Scanning analysis tool

which can incorporate  X-ray MRI, and electro neural plasti image analysis,


Using our Own DICOM Server, which is a fundamental step in using a this database format which is international medical recognised database.


we are currently working in implementing it as a 3d graphical representation, in order to be able to navigate and view the target area


identified by a known dataset of previously scanned and diagnosed cases.

ZipCOde Technology

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